"Musical director ( For Next Thing You Know) Emily Cohn earns high marks both for cast vocals and for piano accompaniment. (Only those familiar with the show’s cast recording will miss the strings and percussion of its original orchestrations.) "- Steven Stanley 2016

"Under the direction of über talent Keri Safran at the helm again with Emily Cohn (Alien Vs. Musical) joining as Music Director, 100% entertainment is to be found every single time.  The company is unstoppable." (Stupid Gold) 2015

"Marvelous musical assist by music director Emily Cohn on piano" (Stupid Gold) 

- 2015

"Music director Emily Cohn efficiently uses her portion of the thirty hours of rehearsals to bring a cast with multi-levels of singing experience to a successful opening night. Based on speaking to the producers and the cast they are ever grateful for Cohn’s patience and skill in getting them through this difficult score. Cohn leads the 3-piece band on stage from the piano, and even with obscured cast visibility she flawlessly keeps this show together from beginning to end." -Ryan Luevano. A Christmas Memory , review.             2015

"The 4-piece house band is lead by Emily Cohn who expertly performs the role of piano/conductor. Cohn never misses a beat; she is attentive and alert from beginning to end balancing conducting with one hand or both with playing the piano part. The 4-piece rock band played with great energy and drive—lots of rockin’ grooves to tap your foot to." - Ryan Luevano. We Are The Tigers , review. ,      2015


"Keyboardist Emily Cohn provides expert accompaniment ( for LA FRINGE show Alien vs Musical) " -Steven Stanley 2015


"Kudos for the ensemble sound, and kudos for bringing out some of the more classical aluusions in Jake's fine score.  And better than everything- your soothing presence at rehearsals.  Any time Emily walked in, we knew all would be right with the world tonight.  From warm-ups to curtain calls, you have been a major part of what has been a very seucessful outing for the 4x10 Ensemble. " - John Sparks. Producer of New York Society For the Suppression of Vice at NMI 2015 


"It was a pleasure to have you with us, and I am very greatful for the time, energy and gorgeous music that you created! Thank you also for your calm and positive attitutde- it was very much appreciated in the midst of such a large production." - Laurie Riffe. Director of Into The Woods at Westridge High School 2015


"Emily Cohn is the Music Director (for The Roar of the Greasepaint the Smell of the Crowd) and I was able to see the outline of her face at the keyboard and watched as she flipped the pages of the score in time with the music, which altogether made the night incredible. Run!  Run!  Run to see this production!  The children are adorable, the singer marvelous, and the music, performed by Emily Cohn, is incredible." - Joe Straw SAG/AFTRA, Hollywood Chair of the EEOC committee. Blog, theater critic 2014 this text to display whatever you want to your users.