About Emily

Emily Cohn holds a Bachelors degree in Jazz Piano from California State University Northridge (2010)  As Waitress so eloquently puts it, Emily "didn't plan it" but instead fell into accompaning choirs and into musical theatre soon after graduating, largly due to her excellent sightreading skills. She credits her sightreading reading skills to her first piano teacher Bonnie Jolly (Clayton, CA) who had her read a line a day and always encouraged sight reading. Emily was asked to take over for the MD for the North Hollywood childrens acting acadmey for Roar of the Grease Paint Smell of the Crowd. The producer said " you play piano so you can Music Direct this show"  ...that was a harrowing and humbling expeirence that launched her curiosity into learning what the MD does and how to be a great one. Since then, some of her MD expeirences have  been  Das Barbecu at the Barnstormers in Tamworth NH, Alien Vs Musical for LA Fringe Festival, All Shook Up with Grease Alumni Barry Pearl at the El Portal LA, and for the reading of Transgender Starborn at Surf Ligh, NJ.

Emily is found accompaning in audition rooms with Kate Lumpkin casting, Telsey casting, accompaing at The Growing Studio, playing for coachings with Dr. Andrew Parks, Braodway Stars Caitlin Gallogl,y and Janine Divita, AMD with the Broadway Workshop, Teaching Artist with TADA education, and sprinkling in private piano lessons and audition prep/self tapes/audition tracks /transcirptions/trasponsitions  all around the beautiful island of Manhattan!


Emily Music Directs/coaches/teaches through positive honesty, bringing every one up, and with the mindset that there is no reason to be an rude, mean or disrespectiful.   Let's tell the story, have fun, do so with the highest quality and musicianship we can, and make some one elses day better. 

 Emily is also a proud auntie to her adorable and adventurous niece, Emily also loves baking bread and traveling the world.